NB! Starting 17.04.2039 all appointments need to be registered online not later than 24 hours before private consultations are scheduled.


Doctors M. Benuel, R. Johansson and L. Scottwell are providing free consultations. In case of changes regarding scheduled treatments please confirm with the registration desk +372688X91.

Operating hours 10:00-17:00. Sunday closed.

Four children under the age of seven witness crime scenes every hour across the whole nation. Three in four children would never be able to forget the experience, which could affect their future.

Today we have a solution. Here in MEMOtech we believe in bright future. Our technologies have saved 13,402 lives since year 2018. Ability to block tragic memories gave our children a chance for a carefree childhood – something we can’t take for granted. Procedures at our clinic are covered by 80% by the national health insurance. They are quick, discreet and painless.

Doctors at MEMOtech have years of experience performing neurological surgeries. Safe method of using microchips, patented by MEMOtech, allows to block memories in children under the age of seven with a success rate of 99,8%.

Build bright future with us.