What is MEMOtech?

MEMOtech exists to ensure carefree childhood for children who witnessed tragic events which would otherwise cause permanent damage to their psyche.

We are a clinic which provides immediate help, by performing neurological surgeries to block traumatic memories.

MEMOtech patented surgery

Our patented procedure involves placement of a special microchip behind the frontal lobe of the brain, which ensures blockage of memories with a success rate of 99,8%. The procedure is quick and painless. First results show immediately, full result is achieved within two days of implanting the microchip.

I am ready to get my memories back

The microchip is blocking every episodic memory up until its removal. This is the reason why the age limit of getting the implant is seven years. When a patient reaches the legal age of 22, they can apply for the removal procedure. Removal of the implant means restoring your memories with a success rate of 97%.

Building bright future since 2018.